Resistance and Deportation History Centre (CHRD)

OCTOBER 25th 2017

On October 25th, we went to Lyon city centre to visit this museum that describes the lives of the residents in the French “free” zone, the Vichy Government.

Here there are several everyday objects and weapons used by the Resistance (Maquis), documents used to request food and clothes, fake passports used by partisans (Maquisards).

The guide described the history of all the exhibited objects in relation to the political situation in those areas during the Vichy Régime.

Moreover, it was very interesting to see all the posters used to acclaim the government and Philippe Pétain, and the ones that encouraged to imitate him. The guide also showed to us a little game the Resistance used to play: on a piece of paper were drawn four pigs and the goal was to find the fifth: folding the sheet in a certain way, the face of Adolf Hitler appeared.

The museum basement reenacts in detail a Parisian street and a living room of a house at that time; the visit ends with a display of weapons and equipment useful for the Resistance, such as a printing press.

Link: CHRD