Who are we?

…Students at Istituto Tecnico “Nullo Baldini” in Ravenna, classes 5B Informatica, 4B Logistica and 2A.
With this project we set ourselves the goal of an in-depth analysis of a series of historical events, to better understand the reasons why they are studied and remembered as much as they are. Furthermore, we decided to create a website to better explain and remember this important experience.

How was the project born?

The project “viaggio alla ricerca di una memoria condivisa” (journey in search of a shared memory) was born to offer some students at Istituto Tecnico “Nullo Baldini” in Ravenna an atypical point of view on World War Two. In particular, the French role in the Jewish Question in this historic period.
Books and films introduced the itinerary and helped contextualise everything we were going to see and live “directly”.
With our trip to France, we accessed the core of this project that, through several meaningful and symbolic steps, allowed us to fully understand themes and contents only studied in textbooks at school.
France was only a destination, some of the other stops were Spinaroni’s Island and the Jewish museum in Bologna.

The steps

View a timeline with all the steps our journey was made of.

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